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SPSS Declares a Win for Political Campaigns Using Predictive Analytics

Mardi, 04 Mars 2008 00:00

March 3, 2008 - Not long ago, election campaigns were run on simple grassroots efforts dependent on cold-calling and randomly distributing flyers to the public. The reliance on individual voter data was very thin and only gathered from the public registrar.

Fast forward to 2008 when large political organizations to local campaign strategists are analyzing vast databases on voter files, election returns and demographic data through the use of predictive analytics software. This keen analysis enables organizations to target likely supporters, persuade undecided voters and help citizens get out the vote on Election Day.

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Political Campaigns Discovering Predictive Analytics

Lundi, 03 Mars 2008 00:00

Call centers like predictive analytics. It lets them know when customers are likely to call, and why, so they can have the right amount of resources available.

Call centers are not the only organizations that like to make predictions, particularly in a presidential election year.

Political organizations are increasingly using predictive analytics software, according to predictive analytics provider SPSS (News - Alert) Inc., to analyze, model and score demographic and behavioral data, along with attitudes and opinions, to find voters most likely to support a candidate or to reach the undecided swing vote.

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Putting Power Behind Predictions

Samedi, 01 Mars 2008 00:00

Collecting ever-more data only moves science ahead if researchers can interpret the results. Consequently, the need for analytical power and speed drives an ongoing hunger for better analytical tools.

One new tool comes from SPSS, Chicago, Ill., which recently released its Clementine 12.0. Richard Hren, director of product marketing for Clementine, calls this the most productive data-mining workbench. He adds that it enables the rapid discovery of data-driven insights and automatic creation of predictive models for a wide range of decision problems. Indeed, Clementine can be applied to drug discovery, infectious disease-tracking, and many other tasks.

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Lincoln Distribution Arm Adopts Sales Analysis Software

Lundi, 25 Février 2008 00:00

Lincoln Financial Distributors Inc. has adopted new software to help it analyze the needs of its financial advisor clients.

SPSS Inc., Chicago, says Lincoln Financial has adopted its Predictive Analytics software to probe Lincolns financial intermediary customer base and use that information to help improve its sales and marketing campaigns.

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